React.js developer working on OpenAPI/Swagger stuff! (US-only, 3-6 month contract)


We're looking for a React / frontend engineer to join us for 3-6 months (either part or full time, we're flexible!), to build out a new stand-alone component. We're looking to take Swagger / OpenAPI files (they're a spec for describing APIs; here's an example), and turn them into a UI. We kinda already do this, but OpenAPI Spec 3 is out and we want to switch to React anyway!

You'll probably want to be the type of person who enjoys the intricacies of RESTful APIs, although a deep knowledge isn't necessary. Be prepared to know way too much about OAuth 2 by the end!

If you're in San Francisco, we have a desk for you! If not, we'd love to fly you out to visit for a few days.