Front-end web developer for intermittent work


I seek a web developer to make tactical changes to a web interface. If you know HTML, CSS and AngularJS, and are comfortable making changes to a live website with real users, send me your hourly rate and something that demonstrates you can do it.

Sample of work immediately needed:

  • On some pages, times are being displayed in the wrong time zone.
  • Delete a block on a page that shows inaccurate numbers.
  • "Gray out" and make inaccessible some unnecessary tabs on a multi-tab form.
  • Let users flag one piece of their content to be "featured".

I think we can largely rely on the existing design and reuse existing elements as necessary, but an eye for layout and design will be appreciated.

Front-end only. I work with another developer who can integrate your work into the app.

We're based in San Diego, if that matters to you.