Web Frontend Developer


Spitch. Who Are We:

Spitch is a Swiss provider of solutions based on Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Voice User Interfaces (VUI), and natural language voice data analytics. Our technologies are focused on facilitating knowledge work automation — one of the most promising IT trends of the next decade.

The Spitch R&D team has over 50 years combined experience in R&D for Spoken Language Technologies (SLT), including Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Text‐to‐Speech Synthesis (TTS), Information Retrieval (IR), and Natural Language Processing (NLP)

We are currently looking for a qualified and passionate frontend/full-stack web developer (Web Frontend/Full-stack developer:- html5, web audio, webrtc, reactjs) to help roll out our user-facing speech application development and annotation portal. We really need someone that has deeper experience in connecting frontend and backend applications, and in html5 and audio processing.

What we would like to see you have:

  • Extensive experience with html5 technologies, particularly web-audio and webrtc as they apply to both mobile and desktop browsers
  • Experience with web sockets.
  • Experience with the reactjs frontend framework, nodejs, python tornado and related full stack technologies are a plus.
  • Experience with speech processing is a plus.

If you are successful, you will work with a cross-functional team of engineers and speech researchers to integrate back-end and front-end technologies with a goal to enhance the user experience and extend and revise the capabilities of the current iteration of Spitch technologies.


  • BS or higher degree in computer science or related discipline (may be waived in the case of extensive relevant work experience)
  • 3+ years experience general web development, javascript
  • 2+ years experience with html5/web audio, web sockets
  • 1+ years experience with ReactJS
  • git, bitbucket, pipelines, standard build and testing frameworks (javascript/nodejs/python)


  • Javascript, HTML/CSS, Python, [others a plus] What would really appeal to us:
  • Full stack experience with nodejs/python tornado
  • Speech technologies experience/exposure
  • Experience with the keystonejs framework
  • Experience with mongodb, sqlite3, nginx, redis, other backend web technologies
  • Experience with scrum/agile methodologies

At Spitch, we are flexible in the way we work and will be offering this role as at full-time or part-time basis. Initially, you will start off part-time with the aim of going full-time based on performance and project movement. The role requires remote working with Skype meetings with Stakeholders occasionally and when necessary.

For more information, please contact our In-House Recruiter Serena Shallop on 07904790742 or send an email at serenashallop@live.co.uk . Serena can also talk about other positions we have available.

We look forward to hearing from you.