React Developer


VoiceOps is an AI platform for enterprise voice. Our vision is to be the hub of all business conversations, which accounts for 70% of all business transactions globally.

Job Description

  • You'll get to use your awesome React skills in building out features of our customer facing analysis product.

  • You’ll get to start projects from scratch, design, implement, ship it to users, get their direct feedback, and iterate from there.

  • You’ll work very closely with the rest of our small but fast growing team.

Some of the questions you’ll get to answer:

  • How can you visualize thousands of data points parsed out of speech to make it useful and actionable to our nontechnical users?
  • How can you make our tool the hub of all of the sales intelligence data for the company and make it easy and intuitive to use?
  • How can you integrate dozens of data inputs (e.g. Salesforce, Looker, Uber Conference,, etc.) and empower our users to tell a coherent story with all of that data.
  • How do you parse useful insights that help our users make crucial business decisions out the unstructured chaos of human conversations?
  • How do we build a massive company?

To apply please include a few examples of your code, reach out here directly or to