Front End Developer


I'm starting to look for a front end developer to work with my partner and myself. I'm an experienced UI/UX designer, my partner is an experienced backend/middleware developer. We're located in Canada in the same city.

The project is a booking service for an established industry, there's 3 main user flows with lots of deviations/offshoots that can intertwine. There will also be promo pages and a couple one page sales funnel websites for hype/pre-launch momentum.

Tools are sketch/invision/principle/slack/google drive, git/github and whatever else my partner wants to use for code tools. Backend is likely PHP but it's up for discussion.

The web app has/will need experience with.. Nested grids Sass WebRTC (for in browser camera use) and Dynamic page loading/swapping pieces for booking states

Loosely based on 8pt design, everything is pretty much 4/8pt rhythms and centered.

This project should be pretty reasonable for an experienced front end dev. I re-use a lot of pieces and the overall framework. It just gets tricky with some of the functionality state changes and having that all responsive.

Anyways, I'm currently about to start testing with users in the next few weeks, so after that it's tweaks and we can start developing.

If this interests you, or you have any questions, PM me.

Must be a native english speaker please