Contract UX Designer (US)

Trice Imaging


Remote. Contract to Hire. Medical Imaging. Show us your portfolio.


Trice Imaging is looking for a talented, innovative UX Designer to work with a small development team building a medical image and reporting system that runs in the cloud. Our team works remotely; we have people all over the world. Your designs could help shape the world of medical imaging and reporting for the next decade. They will be part of a system aimed at bringing quality medical care to some underprivileged parts of the world. Historically, medical systems have had questionable (if any) real design. Our company is out to change that; we are committed to providing the best possible solutions for our customers.


  • Minimum of 3 years experience designing interfaces and digital SaaS products
  • Able to articulate, justify and defend your design recommendations
  • Create, document, and maintain designs that are both flexible and scalable
  • Communicating remotely using tools such as slack, trello, and google hangouts
  • Prototype ideas quickly with a lot of iteration
  • Confident without becoming too attached to your work; able to adapt when feedback is given
  • Ready to work on a complex design domain to make it elegant, simple and efficient

Some Things you might do

  • Create low and high-fidelity designs that are simple, elegant and user-friendly using design tools (such as Sketch, Invision) and/or HTML and CSS
  • Develop designs that support efficient workflow processes
  • Delve into complex medical data to provide rich data visualizations and tools
  • Build flows to minimize a clinician’s computer time thus maximizing time spent with patients

About Trice Imaging

Trice Imaging, Inc. is a privately owned company at the intersection of wireless technology and healthcare. Trice mobilizes medical images by sending them from any imaging modality to any mobile device. Physicians receive remote access to images and reports, cost efficient storage, and the ability to collaborate with other physicians. Patients receive high-quality medical images that they can print, store, publish, and send to family and friends or to doctors for a second opinion. Trice Imaging’s award winning, patented technology is a value added service to any medical imaging system or diagnostic software. Trice Imaging is headquartered in San Diego, California and has offices in Stockholm, Sweden and Munich Germany. For more information, visit us at

Application Prerequisites

  • Direct candidates only; no third parties, no recruiters, no staffing agencies
  • US residency

To apply​: send an e-mail to that includes the following info:

  • your linkedIn profile URL and/or resume/CV
  • Links to sites that showcase your work as a designer (personal portfolio site, Dribbble, GitHub, etc.). We’d like to see a good representation of your experience in designing and developing web applications
  • Pick one specific product feature you've designed that was shipped and describe:
    • Design process used
    • Tools Used
    • Recap of the experience along with lessons learned
  • Optional bonus: Describe any experience with a medical product and how you might improve its design