Front End Developer (at least 3 hours availability NA business hours)

Are you a junior or senior front end developer? We're looking for a JS hero to help develop digital products for web and mobile. Do you love JavaScript and totally appreciate JS in all of it's incarnations (client, server, mobile, etc)? Do you regularly geek out and enjoy exploring/playing with modern JavaScript tools such as CoffeeScript, Backbone, Angular, jQuery, etc?

Viral Foundry is a product studio that balances product development and client service work for early stage startups. Check out to view one of our products. This is a great opportunity to join a team that's building world class digital products. You will be an integral part of the team with direct input to product development, roadmap, and product design.

You are the one we're looking for if..

  • You have previous experience as a Front End Developer
  • You are passionate about clean code and elegant solutions.
  • You have at least 1 year of experience writing maintainable JavaScript, preferably with a shipped website, web app, or native app to showcase.
  • Experience with jquery and at least one JS framework.
  • Familiarity with common JavaScript design patterns.
  • Experience in web development technologies including HTML5, CSS3, JS.
  • Good sense of design/UI for the web and working knowledge of Photoshop + Sketch.
  • You enjoy working in a fast-paced, agile environment.

Nice to haves:

  • Understanding of advanced JavaScript features (closures, prototypal inheritance).
  • You know jQuery, Backbone.js, Angular, Ruby, Wordpress, Bootstrap
  • An eye for design and user experience
  • Previously shipped a wordpress theme/plugin
  • An entrepreneurial spirit when it comes to attacking new projects.

What would I be working on in the first month?

  • Slicing some sweet new landing pages from Sketch to valid/responsive html
  • Working on our wordpress plugin for
  • Cleaning up the promo front end repo, improving the consumer experience with our CTO
  • Helping to build web/mobile MVP's for clients
  • Creating landing pages and marketing websites for internal and external projects

Additional Notes

  • We're looking for a junior OR senior front end developer
  • You will own everything front end that we do
  • Part of team works in Vancouver, some teammates work remotely.
  • We're accepting applicants from anywhere, but we expect 40 hours per week and for you to be available during North American normal business hours for meetings, daily standups, and client meetings.

Please fill out the form as best you can. Take your time and be yourself.