Front-end Developer

Sticker Mule

Job description

Front-end developers help implement new designs & features using CSS, HTML & JavaScript.


  1. Writes CSS, HTML, & JavaScript needed to implement new functionality.
  2. Optimizes code for performance, usability, accessibility and SEO.
  3. Collaborates with team to ensure we build optimal user experiences.
  4. Supports developing & maintaining the front-end for multiple internal applications.
  5. Writes clean, well organized and performant code.
  6. Assists in peer code reviews.

Required skills

  1. Strong attention to detail.
  2. Highly proficient in HTML5 and CSS3.
  3. Working knowledge of JavaScript.
  4. Understanding of front-end performance optimization.
  5. Understanding of responsive design.
  6. Experience with Git.

Beneficial skills

  1. Understanding of design and usability principles.
  2. Experience with front-end libraries and frameworks such as React.
  3. Experience working with Node based build tools like Gulp or Webpack and preprocessors such as Sass.
  4. Experience with server-side development, for example with Ruby on Rails.