Software Engineer - Front-End


Job description

As a Front-end engineer at FanDuel, you will work with other engineers, designers, product owners, user researchers, business analysts and project managers to create and improve the user interfaces of our products and internal tools. You will contribute at every stage of the product lifecycle, from research and discovery through to iterative development, rollout, and long-term maintenance.

During peak periods, hundreds of thousands of concurrent users make transactions at a rate which would sell out Wembley Stadium in minutes. During live games, we calculate and pushes fantasy scoring updates to users at a rate of over 250 thousand per second.

Our Front end engineers all have a sound grounding in Javascript, HTML & CSS, strong communication skills and a commitment to continuous improvement. You won’t join FanDuel to rest on your laurels, though. We will help you develop and learn more in your career, and there are opportunities for development via both management and technical leadership paths.

Skills & Requirements

What you can expect

  • A supportive, trusting and open work environment
  • Contribute to product development throughout the lifecycle
  • Work on a variety of projects (though not all at the same time)
  • Learn from others, and be a coach and mentor to other developers, irrespective of experience
  • Collaborate on shared libraries, tooling, infrastructure and platform
  • A conference budget and support and encouragement to submit talks if you want to

Characteristics of successful candidates

  • Experience building websites and web applications from start to finish as part of a team, using Javascript, HTML & CSS.
  • A solid knowledge of JavaScript
  • A keen learner, with awareness of the recent evolutions and trends of JavaScript applications
  • An understanding of what a client application is (SPA), how it is structured and how it scales
  • Be able to explain and apply front end engineering practices like progressive enhancement, accessibility, and responsive design
  • Thorough understanding of cross-browser and cross-device interoperability and feature support
  • A committed focus on the user, whether it’s through improving usability, accessibility or front-end performance
  • Communicating with others in a supportive, empathetic and honest fashion
  • Experience of version control systems (we use Git)
  • Familiarity with functional programming

Some other useful characteristics

  • JavaScript unit and functional testing experience, including continuous integration systems
  • Server-side application development or integration experience
  • Experience of functional programming
  • Experience of the React ecosystem (including Redux)
  • Experience with JavaScript MV* frameworks (we use AngularJS & React)
  • Experience working with RESTful and real-time APIs
  • Use of CSS pre-processors (we use Sass)
  • Familiarity with build tools (npm scripts, wepback, gulp)
  • Familiarity with ES2015 and associated tooling
  • Understanding of UX research methods, user-centred design principles, and common user interface patterns

About FanDuel

FanDuel is the pioneer of online daily fantasy sports, one of the fastest growing sectors of the sports and entertainment industry. Since our launch in 2009, we’ve been disrupting the fantasy sports industry and changing the way millions of people experience sports.

Sports is our game, but fast-paced technology is at the heart of our business. We make products that sports fans love to use and our teams love to build. As a Software engineer at FanDuel, you will work with other engineers, designers, product owners, user researchers, business analysts and project managers to deliver robust scalable services to support our business. You will contribute at every stage of the of the product lifecycle, from research and discovery to iterative development, rollout and long term maintenance.

FanDuel is an equal opportunities employer. Diversity and inclusion in FanDuel means that we respect and value everyone as individuals. We don't tolerate bias, judgement or harassment. Our focus is on developing employees so that they reach their full potential.