Front-end engineer - TypeScript, React, Redux (UTC+0 to UTC+3)

Snowplow Analytics

Job Description

Alongside our ongoing development of Snowplow, the industry-leading open source event analytics pipeline, the Snowplow engineering team is now hard at work building out Snowplow Insights, our first commercial product built on top of Snowplow technology

Snowplow Insights

Snowplow Insights puts you in control of your data collection. You decide what you want track. We deliver that data to you, in your own datawarehouse, so you can ask any question of your data, perform any analysis, and use any analytics tool. We then surface your data to you, in real-time, so you can act on it.

Snowplow Insights represents the next phase in the evolution of Snowplow, from a consulting company through a services firm (the Snowplow Managed Service now has over 100 customers) to a full-fledged product business.

We are designing Snowplow Insights as a hosted, multi-tenanted web application. Our clients and partners log in to Snowplow Insights to interact with their Snowplow pipeline, running in their own AWS account. Our initial focus with Snowplow Insights is on pipeline visualization, configuration and alerting, but we will go much further than this, building out analytics and workflow UIs on top of the Snowplow event data.

Product engineering at Snowplow

To deliver Snowplow Insights we have spun out a new Product Engineering team, currently consisting of one full stack engineer and one back-end engineer.

The architecture for Snowplow Insights is as follows:

  • Front-end in React, using Redux and written in TypeScript, talking via:
  • RESTful and GraphQL APIs, to:
  • Micro-services written in Scala, Golang, Java, Rust and Python, running on:
  • AWS Elastic Container Service

We are now looking for our first front-end engineer to join the team. This is an opportunity to get in extremely early in Snowplow's product evolution, playing a major role in developing the Snowplow Insights user experience, product design and technical architecture.


Responsibilities include:

  • Working closely with the Snowplow co-founders and the incoming Product Manager of Snowplow Insights to design and implement the Snowplow Insights user experience
  • Bringing a strong test-driven and type-safe development culture to our front-end engineering efforts
  • Working in lock-step with our back-end product engineers to define and iterate the micro-service read/write APIs powering your UIs
  • Designing and implementing best practices in terms of maintainable front-end design patterns, futureproof development technologies and high-velocity build pipelines

Skills & Requirements

We’d love to get to know you if:

  • You have a strong product vision. We are looking for a creative front-end software engineer who is excited to take front-end ownership of a technically-complex new product which is critical to the long-term success of Snowplow
  • You have strong technical skills. This role would be a great fit for a front-end software engineer with strong knowledge of modern JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, who wants to double-down on test-driven, type-safe and functional-oriented front-end architectures
  • You love open source. You make pragmatic decisions on using open source in your work, you are comfortable contributing back to the codebases that you use and you are excited about originating new front-end open source projects
  • You communicate with clarity and precision. It’s super-important that our front-end engineers can work closely with Snowplow’s Product team and various engineering groups. Communicating your work and being responsive to feedback is as important as your technical ability
  • You have a mature attitude to web application security, documentation and process. Snowplow Insights customers trust us with their event pipelines and AWS accounts - this is a huge responsibility and informs everything we do

About Snowplow Analytics Ltd

Our commitment to open source

Since we started five years ago, Snowplow has released a dizzying array of open-source user-facing products, SDKs and software libraries. While Snowplow Insights is a proprietary commercial product, open source is at the heart of what we do at Snowplow, and it's important for us that all of our engineers have the opportunity to develop their open source experience and profile. Within Product Engineering, we will actively work to identify front-end components and tools which we can generalize and extract from our internal codebase; we have a proven track record of doing this with recent releases such as Factotom Server.