React Redux Flow Expert


Looking for a tech savvy and passionate Front-End Software Developer with hands on experience in building secure, high-performing and scalable front-end web applications. The position requires significant experience with JavaScript-based programming principles and experience using React/Redux with Flow and Node.JS. Experience developing with Docker container technologies is required.

The successful candidate will apply specialized knowledge and concepts to the completion of assigned projects to meet the needs and requirements. Projects will involve designing, developing, and troubleshooting purpose-built micro-services architecture proponents within a cloud-based environment. Responsibilities will range from working independently on multiple complex projects to serving as a technical consultant or a leader of projects, typically with strict deadlines and heavy workloads as other duties assigned. May provide consultation and advice on major implementations ensuring that services are available and accessible. Collaborates effectively with team members to ensure success of projects and systems.

The successful candidate will have the ability to keep detailed records via a CI/CD software development pipeline. The successful candidate must have the ability to communicate and interact with diverse clientèle, a strong work ethic and organization skills to work independently with minimal supervision and adapt quickly to changing computer environments.

Please contact me for more details.