Mobile Developer (US-only)


We are looking for moderate to highly experienced mobile developers, especially versed in iOS 9+ and/or Android 6+, to join an expanding team integrating new concepts for an established retail application.   All developers are expected to be detail oriented, collaborate well in a team environment, and able to produce maintainable, clean, efficient code that follows all standards of the team.  Team members will work collaboratively with product owners to define architecture requirements and platform specific implementation mechanics.  Multiple opportunities are available of various skill level requirements.  Among these, we are especially looking for iOS candidates with proven experience leading engineers with coordinated parallel efforts to produce quality application features in a collaborative environment.

This position inherits a stable, existing codebase that will be expanding to add several new features.  All new development is produced using current technologies, but we do have legacy code that is being actively worked on.  The application is generally API-backed with varying levels of offline persistence and utilizes a numbers of 3rd party frameworks.  

An applicant will be expected to demonstrate fundamental and advanced competencies in the associated disciplines remotely and in-person.  Previous work references and associated source code or articles are welcomed and encouraged, but a detailed work history and compensation (salary/hourly) requirements are required for all applicants.    Must be US citizen, located in the contiguous US, available to work quickly and have no large planned absences in the next two months.  Travel may be required.


General Requirements

  • Must be US citizen, located in the contiguous US
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (English)
  • Proven problem solving skills
  • Attention to detail and ownership of output
  • Comfortable with code review, PRs and sprint-based development lifecycle
  • Must have a recent, physical testing device
  • An impeccable work ethic

Required Technical Experience

  • 1+ years of commercial application development experience
  • Unit Testing: Experience Unit Testing classes and writing classes that are Unit Testable.
  • Git: Proficient at using Git via command line or a common client.


  • experience including UIKit, Autolayout, Interface Builder, etc.
  • Fundamental knowledge of Objective-C, including the Objective-C runtime.
  • Generics: How to use them, limitations, etc.
  • iOS: Memory management and thread management.
  • Networking: Experience with using NSURLRequest or NSURLSession, or with AFNetworking, AlamoFire, etc.
  • Xcode: Compiling, debugging, and running apps on both device and simulator.


  • experience including Fragments, Content Provider, Cursors, Support Library, etc.
  • Fundamental knowledge of Java
  • Android: Memory management and thread management.
  • Networking: Experience with using HttpURLConnection, or Retrofit, or with OKHTTP, etc.
  • Android Studio: Compiling, debugging, and running apps on both device and simulator.

Things That Would Be Amazing

  • Experience with Swagger/OpenAPI
  • Experience constructing or working on multi-modular apps
  • Experience architecting iterative feature release strategies
  • Experience following git-flow and/or similar strategy
  • Mentor ready for junior team members

Not a remote job? Please let us know!